-Feature and Short Screenplays, Adaptations
-Rewrites, Polishes
-Series Bibles, Pilots
-Editing, Coverage

Katherine VanPelt was born on May 18, 1979 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was an imaginative child who honed a love for make-believe and storytelling at an early age, which eventually led to crafting short plays and stories. In her early twenties she discovered a talent for screenwriting and it didn't take her long to become a Script Reader for the International Screenwriters Association.  Since then she has went on to write for every genre and accept credited writing assignments that allowed her to work with writers, actors, directors and producers, all while creating her own original material as well. 

Katherine is currently involved in multiple projects that are in various stages of development, finance and pre-production. As a full time screenwriter, this innovative American has the skills, enthusiasm, and reliable track record to bring any project to life. She is also a well-versed and model team-player that aims for storytelling excellence and high marketability. When it comes to her original work, Katherine's high-concept and thought-provoking scripts aim to bring magic back to flm and television by offering unique stories designed to uplift, captivate and thrill audiences.

2018 Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship Quarter-Finalist for "THE INTERPRETATION"
2017 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Top 15% for "THE INTERPRETATION"
2017 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Top 20% for "HONG KONG HOTEL"
2015 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Semi-Finalist for "THE CIRCLE AND THE SWAY"
2015 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Quarter-Finalist for "THE MASTER ADVENTURER"
2015 ISA Fasttrack Competition Top 50 Scripts for "THE MASTER ADVENTURER"
2014 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Top 10% for "THE MARINER"
2012 Act One Screenplay Competition Quarter-Finalist for "WORLD OF LIGHT"​​